Nexus Energía -ENG

CS CORPORATE ADVISORS advised shareholders of Nexus Energía in relation to a tender offer for a portion of the equity.

NEXUS ENERGIA is a supplier of electricity, natural gas and related services for households, SMEs, large companies and multipoint. It provides services for renewable energy producers and represents nearly 18,000 plants in the wholesale market.

NEXUS ENERGIA turnover is around 900 million per year and has a team of more than 200 people between Spain and Germany. NEXUS ENERGIA GROUP in 2012 managed a volume of energy 10,000 GWh / year. It is currently undertaking a process of internationalization with operations in Portugal, France and Italy. A key step in this impulse was the acquisition in 2011 of a German trading company operating since 1999 in the german market, currently called NEXUS ENERGIE.

By profitability, service and dynamism, NEXUS ENERGIA is the alternative to large companies of this sector. Along with the rest of its group companies, it is a leading company that works for everyone, big and small, be able to choose their energy supplier.