The Company

Independent advisory firm that specialises in providing Corporate Finance services to companies

CS Corporate Advisors, founded in 1990, has become one of the main actors in Corporate Services in the Spanish market, bringing together years of experience, creating an accessible firm and offering high quality and customer oriented services.

Thanks to our experience, nowadays we can offer a complete service to the clients that trust on CS Corporate Advisors.

CS Corporate Advisors has a multidisciplinary team made up of professionals from the best international business schools, with a wide range of experience in advising and carrying out all types of corporate transactions.

Our Values

CS Corporate Advisors started as an alternative to investment banks with the objective to personalise the advisory services provided to middle sized companies, family businesses, and big corporations that require a company with the experience and know-how of the big banks but oriented to their needs.

The objective of the firm is to continue in the same path, offering clients new growing alternatives through the foundations which define CS Corporate Advisors: experience, independence, execution capacity, accessibility and long-lasting relationships.