Devicare 2020 ENG

CS Corporate Advisors has acted as advisor to Devicare on the search and contribution of private investor to complete its funding round for a total amount of €3 M.

Devicare is a company located in Barcelona specialized in the development, manufacture and remote management of innovative medical devices for home care of chronic patients.


The financing round started in 2016 with the entrance of the investment holding EMESA Corporación Empresarial (family office of the recognized lawer Emilio Cuatrecasas) and Caixa Capital Risc. Different family offices and corporate partners were later incorporated, such as Mr. Juan Knuth (Palex Medical), the Gaya family (Eladiet), the Xiol family (Peroxfarma), the Serra family (Boyser), among others, in addition to the employees of the company.


This funding will be used to consolidate the launch of clinical studies of two of Devicare´s main product lines on the Spanish market: Lit-Control® for prevention and self-management of recurring urinary diseases ant Tao-Control® for self-management of patients who take care oral anticoagulants (Sintrom®, Aldocumar®, etc).