Josep Solé

Founding Partner

Degree in Business Administration and MBA from ESADE.

Josep Solé has advised on M&A processes since 1985, in a large number of companies in a wide variety of sectors such as retail, supermarket chains, food & beverage, real estate, food industry (milk, wine, meat, cerral and flour, grocerty,..), renewable energies, financial services, enginering, headhunting, facility management, educations and book publishing. Josep has also advised companies in the utilitiers ector, health and leasure, industrial maintenance, chemical sector and construction.

He is responsible for attracting new business, managing existing projects and coordinating team efforts.

Previously, he held positions of responsibility in various companies such as Queserias Miraflores, SA, and Gestión de Servicios empresariales, SA. (A holding company belonging to an important investment group). He was previously Product Manager of Lamigraf, S.A., a company specialising in printing paper (melamine, etc.) for the furniture industry.